I have been needing to try several new products from a new mask to a new eye cream (and several things in between) and I decided to do  one big haul of new, previously untried (by me) products. I plan to review them all here eventually.

I think because I bought so much at once, gave me this tin full of samples.

The first sample I pulled out was this Jack Black Beard Lube which made me laugh. I promptly gave it to my boyfriend. "Here, have this beard lube."

I've recently ran out of my Urban Decay Primer Potion and while I was happy with it, I figured why not try a different brand. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is about as hyped as UDPP so I went with this one. I find a shadow primer to be absolutely necessary.

I bought this Nars Drop Dead Gorgeous nail polish set. It contains "Arabesque," "Chinatown," "Candy Darling" and "Saratoga" polishes.

Because I bought this, they gave me an additonal Nars gift, "Orgasm" nail polish:

It's a truly gorgeous color but all these little... sample? travel? sized Nars polishes are so teeny compared to the actual normal sized polish bottles. I'm still happy to have gotten a little Orgasm though (har har) and I love the little bag it came in.

I bought this Freeman Clay Mint & Lemon Mask because of FabDiva20's rave review. I read additonal good things about it after I did a little research too. Plus, at $3.19 you can't beat the price!

Along with the other DL products I bought with this haul, this is my first Deborah Lipmann nail polish. It's not one of her more flashy ones but I liked the way the color looked and I went with it! This is called "Supermodel" (Created with Dree Hemingway)

I read such great reviews about this Stripper nail polish remover by Deborah Lippmann I decided to give it a try... I wasn't in the market for a new nail polish remover but I figure there's got to be something better out there than my $1.99 store brain remover.

This is a night time repair solution by Arcona that claims to "repair sun damage and resurface dry, sensitive skin... stimulates rapid cell renewal and deep exfoliation." I am going out on a limb with this one because right now my night time routine is pretty great but I am interested in seeing if it can improve.

I wanted a new nail hardener because I get a lot of little tears on the sides of my nails and I was hoping this product by Deborah Lippmann would help fix that.

Temptalia always gives Jack Black lip balm high acclaim so I decided to see if it impresses me too.

This massive bottle of Nars polish is how I know that the normal sized polishes are huge! It may have just been a bit of an illusion type thing as I was looking at the mini set and mini Orgasm before I opened this big guy. This shade is called "Bad Influence."

I'm sorry but I can't look at this without thinking diarrhea BUT that aside (I'll apologize again, even haha) I'm hoping this product by Rene Furterer will cure my frizzies. My hair does get pretty damn unruly!

This was my serious big deal purchase as it cost a ton but one review claimed that this product worked better than the popular La Mer eye cream and since La Mer wasn't available on, I went this route and I seriously hope to see some results. I have chronic tired eyes and it bums me out on a regular basis.

And finally we have a luscious Butter London polish called "Big Smoke."

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