Nicole by Opi "Yellow it's Me"

I was drawn to this yellow because of the gorgeous orange shimmer but of course, it's very difficult to photograph.

In the photo above, you can see the orange shimmer (especially if you enlarge the image). I messed up my middle finger a bit, please ignore that. I've been having a hard time with Nicole by Opi polishes these past couple manicures I've done (I'm wearing a different Nicole by Opi today) and the dry time on these polishes (even with Seche Vite) is annoying because I thought they were dry, then I touched my lips and messed up a thumb. I hate that so much!

Besides the slow drying, the formula is nice. Not gloopy or globby like some yellows are apt to be. Plus, have I mentioned how much I LOVE the orange shimmer? I really do. 

I did three coats of this polish.

This polish is no longer available that I can find at online retailers but you can pick it up from eBay for about six bucks.

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