Benefit "Label Lover" Lipstick

This is a lipstick that you can no longer find on Benefit's site but I love it so much I wanted to share it. I got it from a recent swap and I kind of just did it so I could get rid of a shadow I'd been wanting to swap for ages... But I ended up really, really liking the shade!

If you enlarge the image, you can see the little bit of gold that creates the subtle shimmer. This is a great lip color for when I've got a bold eye going on or going low-key on the makeup. 

I've always kind of ignored Benefit's lipsticks as they never looked wild enough for me and often the wilder the color, the more I'm all over it even if I won't wear it. (Go figure...) but I love how moisturizing it feels on your lips. I don't think there are any added moisturizers but the formula is really smooth and not at all drying.

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