Revlon "Ocean" Nail Polish

Okay so I'm not a huge, huge fan of Revlon polishes (usually) but this one had me impressed for a little while. It's a gorgeous teal-y color that I'm not sure looks like the Ocean per se but it's pretty nonetheless. 

I was also impressed with the formula as it only really needed one coat (I gave it two for good measure) and it went on smoothly. In the past, some Revlon polishes have been too sheer for me but this is definitely not the case with this one.

Here are some shots with flash:

And some natural light shots:

I was totally impressed, ready to give a RAVE review when I noticed my thumb nail chipped. I had only been wearing this polish for a day when I got a huge, huge chip. As in half of the polish on my thumb nail--gone. So, either it was a fluke or this baby can't really withstand normal everyday stuff because I wasn't picking or chipping away at anything.

It's still pretty though!

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