Illamasqua "Chasm" Pure Pigment Swatch

This was my first experience with an Illamasqua pigment. 

Chasm is a light teal with a shimmer.

This swatch was taken with a flash and you can easily see a lot of the shimmer. The top swatch was spread onto my arm and the bottom was patted on.

Here is the same swatch in natural light. You see less of the shimmer and it appears less pigmented. Overall, this isn't the most pigmented color--The macro shots look really nice but to the eye at a normal distance, it's not quite as vibrant:

As you can see it's still very pretty but a bit washed out and this is a pretty accurate shot of the pigmentation. It's just for the price/amount you get (1.3g), I want to be wowed and this isn't something I'm dying to try in a look. I like my close-up shots a lot more than the actual in-life product.

Availability: Sephora
Price: $24

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