Beauty Product Haul

This was a beauty produt haul I did somewhat recently partly because there were some things I actually needed (well, define need...) and then I threw in some other stuff for fun.

I've already reviewed/swatched the Japonesque Travel Brush Set, the Cargo eyeshadow in Parakeet, Urban Decay lipgloss in Peroxide, Nars eyeliner in Parrot Cay and Nars eyeshadow in Tropic.

My necessities included: Lip balm (2), cuticle cream, eyelash curler, eye makeup remover, eyelash glue and brush cleaner. The rest was for fun. If you have any questions about what any of this is or anything else, please leave it in the comments! I didn't want to dig everything out that I needed to check the names on but I will be reviewing and or swatching all of it eventually.

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