Japonesque Beautiful Eyes Touch Up Tube Set

This is a little travel set of Japonesque brushes. It comes with four brushes and a tube to hold them. There are two shader eye brushes and two lining brushes. 

I tried out both eyeshadow brushes and the angled liner brush. The shadow brushes are... OK. They aren't anything special, not very soft but I guess they do the job in a pinch. The tiny little handles make it hard to use them, in my opinion. 

The angled liner was AWFUL. It hurt my eye as I tried to basically drag it across my lid. I wouldn't be touching that one again. And unless I somehow lost every single brush I own at the exact same time, I wouldn't be using the shadow brushes either.

Blah. I've never tried other Japonesque brushes but I'm disappointed by these for sure. I like the idea of a little tube of brushes, but they are going to have to really up the quality to make these worth the purchase.

Rating: 1.5/5

Availability: Amazon
Price: $14.50

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