No More Rack (Deals!)

I just ran across this website called No More Rack (which I keep reading as No More Crack) (at Gabrielle's blog)  which is a bit like Haute Look or Gilt but with a wider variety of items... 8 brand new (very nice) deals at noon (EST) everyday.

Today's items range from an bracelets to grooming tools to an electric cheese grater. Definitely worth a quick peek during your lunch break or something.

They had some cute bags today that have already sold out so I'm guessing some items sell out pretty quick so if you do decide to join, I'd check it as close to noon as possible.

Shipping is $2/item which is pretty reasonable, depending on what you're buying.

Soo if you'd like to join, it'd be super cool if you could use my invite AND you get a $10 gift card/credit just for signing up.

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