2011 Beauty Resolutions

I never stick to any new year's resolutions that I make but this year I decided to do some beauty resolutions and if anything will help me to stick to them, it's writing about my endeavors here. Once I got going, I found I had several new/different things I am excited to try in my skin care and makeup routines.

There are several products I will be reviewing as I stick to my goals, trying to find what works best for me. This post is just a list to review at the end of the year to see how well I stuck to my goals/what I found! I included some of the products you'll be hearing about early this year.

Beauty Resolutions for 2011

1. Always, always wash my face before I go to sleep
I've way too often made the (huge) mistake of going to sleep without first taking off my makeup. It's one of those things you hear about so often but it's so true! It's included on this list of things to keep your skin clear. I've had some bad breakouts from skipping my skin care routine.

2. Find a good toner and incorporate it into my routine
Right now, I have my eye on a glycolic acid toner by Reviva Labs and I think it will be the first toner I try. (I've tried a few cheaper toners in the past but never consistently.)

3. Find a masque I love and use it twice a week (or suggested use)
The first mask of the year I'm going to be trying is Freeman's Mint & Lemon Clay Mask.

4. Find a deep conditioning product and use it weekly (or suggested use)
Plan to try Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco Masque as soon as possible.

5. Exfoliate my lips weekly
I want to test out the toothbrush method and the sugar method and see which I like. This isn't something I do now at all but I want to see if I see any noticeable improvements.

6. Try more brands and types of mascara
I've recently gotten a newfound interest in mascara that I've never had before. I want to branch out and try new types.

7. Take immaculate care of my nails
I already take pretty good care of my nails but I get a lot of tears and I can't grow them as long as I like. I want to try out new strengthening products. The first I plan to use is Rejuvacote.

8. More makeup-free days?
I'm not sure this is one I can do because I love to do my makeup and I don't always feel comfortable going out without it. However, on days that I can, I plan to wear my makeup for shorter periods of time or not at all.

9. Find an eye cream I love and use it nightly (or as directed)
My eyes almost always look tired and I vow to do something about it! I've read good things about Bioelements eye area cream and plan to test that one right away.

10. Feed my nail polish addiction (as my financial situation allows ;))
I give in. I plan on trying to document as many colors as I can this year. Not only is it fun to blog my polish choices but I'm seriously addicted to buying polish and painting my nails and giving into it just feels good! :)

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