MAC "Military" Nail Lacquer & CoverGirl "Disco Dazzle" Topcoat

This is MAC's "Military" from the Alice + Oliva collection. It has a sparkly matte finish and it really is a nice looking polish but... Well, don't expect it to last. Toward the end of this post, I show you how my nails looked after less than a day.

This one was taken on day two--not too much of an issue with the tips of my fingers but...

Here is my thumb after a couple hours and then I got a bigger chip a little after taking this picture. To be FAIR I guess, I had no top coat on but I wanted to stick with the matte finish at first so I didn't WANT a top coat, MAC.

This is also my nails on day two after I applied CoverGirl's "Disco Dazzle" top coat.

Availability: Online sales or -eek- eBay

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