Hello Kitty 5-Piece Brush Set

This was a bit of an impulse buy. I got a little Hello Kitty happy with the new HK items at Sephora. Plus I'm a little bit of a brush addict these days.

She's got a super shiny mirrored surface (sorry about the finger prints!) It's pretty light weight without feeling cheap.

The head pops right off and inside are the brushes (love the pink!)

They're small, which I like and very soft! Not like MAC full-sized brush soft but definitely soft.  The set includes a (1) face brush, (2) shader, (3) lip brush, (4) angled eyeliner brush and a (5) eyeshadow brush. Very decent quality... I haven't tried them out yet, I didn't want to get them dirty today before I took pictures.

Here they are in comparison to a full sized MAC 131 brush.

Price: $49
Availability: Sephora

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