Napoleon Loose Dust #38 and #39

I found these Napoleon Loose Dust shadows at my Ulta and seeing as I'd never even heard of them before, I wanted to get them to check out and swatch.

The first dust is a multi-colored grey that sparkles and the second is a reddish-brown with a blue shimmer that reminded me at first glance a lot of MAC's Blue Brown pigment.

They have numbers instead of names which I don't like personally because I will remember and match a name to a shade but I can't match a number to a shade. Same problem with MUFE Aqua Creams. Argh! Hire me and I'll name them!

I tried to capture the sparkle the best I could. You can see it better in the swatches:

This shadow NEEDS A PRIMER. I tried swatching it without a primer and it was just everywhere. I shook my arm and a ton fell off.

I washed it off and put on some UDPP and re-took the photo:

Enlarging will help to show the glitter.

Here is #38.

I dug out my Blue Brown piggie to compare. #38 is much redder and Blue Brown is darker and a truer brown.

Here is #38 swatched alone. It's hard to see the blue and you can see it better in the following swatches...

This one was taken with flash. You can see the blue glitter in #38 but it's sparse and clearly not as evident as it is in Blue Brown.

And here is a comparison in natrual light.

Until later, lovelies!

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