Cargo "Parakeet" Eyeshadow

I haven't bought any Cargo makeup before and I decided a single eyeshadow would be a good way to easily test the waters.

If Cargo is known for any product in particular, I'm out of the loop because I don't know what that would be but I was happy with the color payoff and smoothness of this shadow... says (about the organic/PlantLove details:
A high performance and incredibly soft micronized eye shadow that is infused with both natural and organic ingredients and is housed in... biodegradable packaging. ... [It is certified organic which] guarantees the geuine practice of environmental respect through the formulation...

With flash
Natural Light
It's a pretty color and it swatched verrry nicely.  There's a little bit of shimmer there that is most apparent when the flash is used and it's more subtle to the naked eye.

As far as the packaging goes though, I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the plastic. It's very lightweight which is maybe a turn on for some people but to me it just feels cheap and a bit like play makeup or something. The insides are probably all that really matter, though, depending on how much of a packaging aficionado you happen to be, and I give the shadow itself a thumbs up. Plus, the environmentally-friendly ingredients and production deserve a nod too.

Availability: Amazon,
Price: $18

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