Darphin Stimulskin Plus Eye Contour Cream

I want to tell you about an eye cream by Darphin today. First I want to explain what I'm looking for in an eye cream because I think that's important to note. I don't really have dark circle problems but I do have chronically tired looking eyes. I am looking for an eye cream that ideally tightens the skin under my eyes and helps reduce the lines.

And enter Darphin.

I bought this eye cream because of some reviews I'd read (they claimed miracles in all eye problem areas) and because... And I'm ashamed to say it... but because it was expensive (around $120, depending on where you buy it, it varies a bit). I thought "if people seem to like this and it has this price tag, it must work!" And I used this eye cream religiously for quite a while to really see what it could do...

... And I was let down. That's probably not surprising to you, reading this, that I was let down by a pricy beauty product but it *was* disappointing to me that I'd spent so much money on a product that couldn't give me what I wanted.

Here's what it DID do: I reviewed an eye cream by Burt's Bees (Radiance Cream) that I found to give me a slight pick me up... My eyes didn't look quite as tired, the lines were definitely still there but somehow there was a lift to my eyes--but it was subtle. That cream cost around $20 and that's about the same things I can say for this Darphin cream. It did a little something for me but... Not much. It gave my eyes some hydration and a pick me up but.. I can get that so easily from any cheap-o moisturizing eye product. I need results! This didn't deliver them.

And for that price... Sheesh.

I'm about to pass on what's left to my mom to see if it helps her older eyes at all...

... Moving on! The next eye cream I have on board is a Mario Badescu one that I will be reviewing after I give it a good trial run.

You can find Darphin Stimulskin Eye Contour Cream at Amazon for $128 and Beauty.com for slightly more. If you Google it, you can find it for a bit cheaper at some lesser known stores.

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