Zoya "Reva" and "Apple" Nail Lacquers

There have been a few things going on in my life and I've neglected this blog and I've neglected my nails and both of which I'm sorry for!

Today I did a really quick manicure with Zoya's Sumshine polishes in "Apple" with "Reva" on my ring fingers.

I do like how I can use the blog to keep track of how my nails look over time. I'm obviously having a low period right now haha with my cuticles and the length and condition of my nails but seeing as I post my manicures, that does make me want to keep better care of them so here's to hoping!

I love this Sunshine collection by the way, all the polishes look so pretty in the swatches I've seen. I only picked up these two but I'm tempted to go for more!

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