Butter London Powder Room Lacquer Remover

This is another polish remover I tried recently... I got a small bottle with a bottle of nail polish that I ordered a while back.

I love the lacy looking bottle. The liquid itself is a rosy color... The photo I took doesn't show this because my bottle is less than half full.

It's an acetone free remover.

The back reads: "sweet smelling nail lacquer remover..." which is a bit of an over statement because this still has a strong smell even without the acetone. The two ingredients listed are "methyl acetate" and "isopropyl myristate" which means nothing at all to me but maybe it means something to you.

As far as getting the job done, I think this is a good nail polish remover. Especially if you're into avoiding acetone. It doesn't dry out my cuticles and it works effectively. I didn't try it on glitter polish and probably wouldn't be able to recommend it highly for that but as far as normal polishes go--this is definitely a decent remover.

However, that being said, it only seems to come in this small 2oz bottle. I couldn't find it online in a larger size. It costs $5.00 (unless you want me to list some choice websites that sell it for $15!!) but it doesn't last very long. You don't have to use a TON when you're using it on your nails but it does seem to go very quickly. So at $5 a pop, you'd end up spending more than just buying a giant $1 bottle of acetone remover...

... So if you're looking for an acetone-free polish remover, this IS a good one if you can put up with the small bottle. You can find it at Amazon, Ulta and Beauty.com.

If you're looking for a more convenient size and a sweeter, easier on the nose kinda smell, this might not be for you.

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