Paul Dorf Brush-Out Brush Cleaner

I'm lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes--like a lot of people are--but I'm probably especially bad. And especially with my eyeshadow brushes. I have a million of them and there's never more than maybe one clean at a time.

This brush cleaner works especially well for my smaller eyeshadow brushes. I don't even need to involve water, I just spray one spray onto some paper towel and depending on the shadow, that usually does the trick... Sometimes an extra spray or two is needed.

There's no fragrance or leftover residue on my brushes after I've used Brush-Out.

The ingredient list includes:

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As far as cleaning my bigger brushes--like my blush brushes, I don't use this as often to do that but I might spray a couple of sprays and do a preemptive cleaning prior to cleaning with water on my bigger brushes just because they usually have so much pigmentation and product left stuck to them. But this does a good job if you have no water and you're in a pinch.

Rating: 3/5

You can find this at Amazon, and Dillard's to name a few places. It goes for $14/bottle but it lasts what seems like forever. I've had my bottle for a long time and you can see in that first picture how much I've used.

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