Amazing Cosmetics Anti Aging Face Primer

The last time I reviewed a primer, I raved about it and I didn't really think I would find another primer that I loved but I proved myself wrong.

I picked up a primer by Amazing Cosmetics because unless I order it online or drive a ways away, I can't readily find my other favorite primer (by Hourglass). I like Amazing's concealer so I decided to take a plunge and give the primer a whirl.

It comes in a thick tube that seems to contain a lot of product--it's actually 1 oz of product but this fat little tube makes me think there's more there. I like the design of the packaging. I have no complaints about the squeeze tube because it's great for getting out just the right amount of product--based on whatever you think the right amount of product is. I like that you have full control of how much comes out versus say a pump bottle or something like that.

The primer lists a number of good points:

- Anti aging (I don't know about this one as for one, I'm pretty young but I haven't seen any difference in the lines under my eyes or anything so I don't know if this is some sort of long-term thing or maybe because it's also moisturizing they say that it's anti-aging, I'm not sure but I wouldn't get this just for the anti-aging, that's for sure.)

- Primer and moisturizer all in one (This is moisturizing feeling but I still use and feel that I need a moisturizer before I prime.)

- Paraben free

- Oil free

- Fragrance free

- Formulated for all skin types (I'm oily and acne-prone and this point is true--it doesn't clog pores or make me any more oily)

It also says: "Infused with vitamins and nourishing plant extracts, this lightweight... primer hydrates and protects as it improves the appearance of skin radiance and texture."

Now to talk about wear...

I put this primer on and leave it for maybe 30 seconds to a minute before I start to apply my makeup. Like I said, I use it after my moisturizer. I find that make-up goes on easier, smoother and looks better.

I have been working outside on the weekends, as I might have mentioned, I can't remember and I'm shallow enough to be wearing makeup while I do. :) I've been using this primer almost religiously and it keeps my makeup in place ALL DAY. I might need one or two touch-ups (probably just one) but that's due to my extra oily skin. I don't want to make any crazy claims but I could see a less oily person not having to do any touch-ups.

I would come home after working, look in the mirror and I was surprised at how my makeup was still in place.

I would definitely recommend this primer! It goes for $34--and if that sounds a little high to you, I'd still say it's worth it and it costs about half the price of my other favorite primer. You can find it at most Ulta and Sephora stores and also at Amazon.

Rating: 4.9/5

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