City Color Cosmetics Nail Polish in... Who Knows What Shade?

Before I even show you this polish, I have to rant about how annoyed I am there's no name on the bottle at all. If this polish does have a name, I for one have no idea what it is. I don't like when a polish doesn't have a name... Or even a number... !

But I picked up this City Colors polish at Rite Aid a little while ago.

It's a pretty sea-green with a light sea-green shimmer. It's a springy color and I like it but I wasn't thrilled with the formula. It took a while to dry even though this was only two coats. My index finger is not pictured because by the time I took a photo, it had been smudged and then it chipped and it was just a mess. I had some chipping on my other hand too. Just not a long-lasting or a fast-drying polish in my experience.

Pretty, though. Has anyone else tried City Colors? And did I just get a bottle missing a sticker or are they really un-named?

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