Aczone Prescription Topical Acne Treatment Review

I've had problematic skin forever (10+ years) and for the past couple of years I've been going regularly to my dermatologist and she's tried a few different topical combinations and most recently she prescribed Aczone for my morning face routine. I've been using it for about two months now and can review the ins and outs pretty well at this point.

Let's get a few basics out of the way...

What is it?
Aczone is a topical gel (that looks more like a cream) used to treat acne. It is not an antibiotic.

How is it used?
I use about a little larger than a pea-sized amount to cover my skin in the morning after washing my face. Sometime I use a little less depending on how my skin is doing. I put this on a short while after letting my moisturizer sit for a moment.

How often do you use it?
I use Aczone daily (combined with a different prescription product at night).

Side effects?
Aczone, like any medication, has a list of side effects it may cause. Personally, I experience no side effects but redness, dryness, oiliness, peeling skin and rash are potentially possible.

Does it contain benzoyl peroxide?
No, Aczone does not contain peroxide and therefore does not have a tendency to stain clothes or sheets.

And onto my personal review of the product...

I like this gel. I like it a lot. My skin had started to clear up several months ago but I still had a real issue with oiliness during the day. I would do my makeup and my face would be a mess shortly after and I would have to blot, powder, whatever... And continue this throughout the day. With Aczone, I see a major difference in this particular area. While I still do a little blotting or extra powder throughout my day, I do it much less often and when I go to do it, I'm much less oily.

I'm so happy with the outcome of using Aczone. I don't know how often I get too enthusiastic about a product but I love what it has done for my shiny annoyance of oiliness!

My makeup wears better with this, obviously, as it's not sliding off my face immediately. I'm a sweaty person and I live in high humidity often but Aczone really helps me keep my makeup in place, keep my skin from looking a complete mess and also helping to keep my face clear. Plus, it doesn't cause any of those annoying dry patches that other products have caused (or any overall excessive dryness, either, for that matter).

I thank my dermatologist for prescribing me this! I also happen to love her anyway but major points for finding something that works so well for such an issue I've battled with forever.

If you have any other questions about my experience with this gel, please feel free to ask or refer to Aczone's official website for more general questions. According to that website, you can obtain a free sample by filling out the form located on this page.

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