Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in "Femme"

I hadn't been to a Sephora in a while so when I saw that they had OCC Lip Tars, I was excited. I grabbed "Femme" to add to my collection of lip tars... Which now equals a whopping total of two.

This pink is quite pretty and I love the color--I really do... In the tube. And then I put it on and I ask myself, Jen, why do you buy light pinks? They never work for you so why do you keep doing it? And I don't have an answer.

But color aside... The formula was a bit difficult to work with. To get it to look decent, I had to work at it. Lip Tars come with tiny lip brushes which are helpful--I applied with the brush and it looked... OK. It was a bit drying after a short period of wear-time but overall the formula wasn't such an issue--I could just slap some gloss on top--but I still wasn't thrilled with the color on my lips. Everywhere else--tube, swatch--I like it! But on my lips it's a little too cool of a shade. I need the warmer pinks and I will try to attempt to remember that from now on... (Yeah, right.)

And here is a close-up of my lips. This was right after applying it (I think the second or third time, ha):

It's just hard to work with. I didn't have such a problem with my other Lip Tar, I guess this shade can just be a little finicky.

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