Stuff I'd Have Bought Already... If I Wasn't So Broke

Ah, unemployment. Lately I've been doing a fair amount of online window shopping and I've compiled a little list of things I'd have definitely purchased if not for my limited funds and attempts to hold onto what I do have...

... Eventually I always break. There will be that one item I can't stop thinking about and these are some of those items.... Floating around in my brain and demanding attention until I finally sink and spend the money.

As an attempt to avoid this, I'm going to blog about these few little things that have caught my eye and stuck in my mind. Maybe it will help soothe The Wants and maybe it will make it worse... Either way, check it out!

Inglot Freedom Palette

I've wanted to try Inglot for myself for as long as I can remember but I just never have. Recently, I put together a five-piece freedom palette of colors I wanted most.

Listed in order:
  • 48 Shine
  • 430 Pearl
  • 40 Shine
  • 58 AMC
  • 372 Matte
Total Price: $41
Purchase at   Inglot 

Sleek "Oh So Special" Palette

This one isn't expensive but I keep hesitating when I put it in my cart. "Don't spend the money, don't spend the money" I keep repeating... Eventually, though, I'm spending the money.

While shopping around, I also found this gorgeous lip color. It's one of Sleek's "True Colour Lipsticks" and I think I might tack it or another onto my order when I make the plunge.

Total Price for Both: $18
Purchase at Sleek

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color

This one in particular is "Dreamy Rose." I really like these: the packaging, the colors, the rose design... Very cool.
Total Price: $36
Purchase at Beautylish

Powder Staining Blush by theBalm

I saw the swatch on Temptalia of the "Argyle" shade and I love the pretty pink hue!
Total Price: $22
Purchase at theBalm

PopSugar Must Have Subscription Box

This is a monthly subscription box that jumped out at me. It includes some really interesting stuff and allows you to try things you might not think to try. It's a little more expensive than some other subscription boxes but I think it's really worth it just based on the interesting stuff that comes in it! Check out PopSugar's website for previous boxes. The photo above is the contents of the most recent box.
Total Price: $35/mo.
Purchase at PopSugar

What stuff have you been dying to buy lately?

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