Darling Girl Cosmetics Eyeshadows in "Miss Argentina," "Pink Nightmare," "Hot Rocks" and More!

Due to some swatch posts at Beauty's Bad Habit, I decided I had to try Darling Girl Cosmetics. It's always kind of fun to try indie brands because you haven't heard them run into the ground and you can usually find something refreshing and different about them that makes them stand apart from mainstream brands. Darling Girl definitely has some interesting shades... And they're not just cool colors but they transform from pot to swatch into these almost magical hues. Very pretty and very awesome.

I did a small little haul from the online shop. The prices are extremely reasonable and the shadows come in two sizes: Full (3/4 tsp.) and Petit (1/4 tsp.) and both sizes come in the little screw-top jars.

The colors I have to show you are "Mercurial," "Rose Tinted Glasses," "Miss Argentina," (my favorite!), "Pink Nightmare," "Hot Rocks," and "Demeter."

With the exception of "Pink Nightmare," they swatched really nicely and wasn't difficult to get a good color payoff. "Pink Nightmare" might work well as a highlighter shadow but sort of disappeared on my skin as you'll see in the swatch below.

Miss Argentina
Pink Nightmare
Hot Rocks
Aren't they pretty?

And the swatches...

They are all really pretty but Miss Argentina and Rose Tinted Glasses are both really doing it for me. Demeter was also surprisingly popping in the swatch. Some of these don't look like much to look at in the pot and then... BAM... Lots of different shimmer and real gorgeousness on the skin.

Like I said, "Miss Argentina" won as my favorite of these shades... Makes me think mermaids!

Check out Darling Girl Cosmetics! There are amazing colors, great prices and despite being a small little company--impressive shipping time.

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