E.l.f. 3-in-1 Mascara

This "3-in-1" mascara by E.l.f. promises to "lengthen, define and volumize." I picked up this mascara because it was only $3 (not on sale) and I've had some pretty good luck with the brand in the past.

The brush looks like your normal mascara brush until you get to the little ball end which I thought was fantastic for reaching those tinier lashes without making a mess. I like the brush design for sure.

But what about the lengthening, defining and volumizing properties?

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I'd say it definitely defines... And volumizes the lashes a bit... There's no clumping which is great. I'm not sure they look a whole lot longer but overall... I'm happy with this! I was able to get this without a whole lot of product and I have what I think are clump-prone lashes because it's an issue often but this is nice with no sign of clumping.

Plus... Guys... Three dollars!

I was surprised.

Are there any E.l.f. products you love?

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