Milani Eyeshadow in "Girls Luv Pink"

I've been wanting to try Milani eyeshadows. I have tried (and liked) other Milani products so I chose this pretty light pink called "Girls Luv Pink" to give it a whirl...

I gotta say, I think this is far too subtle for my liking. I have yet to try it in a look but at best this could be used as a light shimmer on the eye. It could be pretty over a matte shadow to add a little extra oomph... But as it stands alone, this shadow is a little too lackluster for me.

To get the small payoff, I had to dip into the product with a bit of a rough hand and it is a little messy and dusty as you can see from the photos. The color payoff is really the disappointing point because while the shimmer is definitely there, the pretty pink doesn't shine through in the swatches very well and I took photos in all kinds of light with and without flash and none of the changes in light made it show up any better.

If you are into subtle shimmer, this may be for you. I'm more of a pigmented color lover and while I do like a little shimmer on the eyes, I don't want to give up my color payoff for more shimmer.

The top swatch is blended out a bit and the bottom is a builded, more concentrated swatch. Not a huge difference there.

And in shade... Can you see it there? You can click the photo to enlarge.

Girls may or may not luv pink but this girl doesn't luv this eyeshadow.

Milani eyeshadows (and I've seen plenty others swatched that seemed to be of better quality) retail for $5.99 and are available at most drug stores. I bought this one at Meijer.

And for no reason other than the fact that she was outside while I was photographing the eyeshadow, here is one of my doggieface, Cinderella, squintin' in the bright sun...

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