MAC "Rhythm" Lipglass

I'm mostly doing this post because I'm so excited to have bought a MAC product again after such a long time. Months & months! (Also, the blog has a new layout... Scope it out!)

So of course my one teeny lipgloss (and it is teeny) came in a box far, far too large. I didn't pay much attention and didn't know this collection had limited edition packaging so that was exciting. I get a little too thrilled with the packaging, though, I know. I like this one.... Makes me think ultra-bronzey hot, hot summer.

But you'll know what I mean about me and packaging when I tell you the "ooooh, purple insides" moment I had when opening the box:

"Rhythm," in all the blog posts I saw about it, looked so spectacular to me in swatches. It is what I think of as a happy magenta and it has golden-ish/coppery shimmer which I'm usually a sucker for.

The shimmer isn't as noticeable on the lips or even in these flash photos as it is in natural light... It doesn't come out a ton in swatches so it looks a bit more magical in the tube than in reality. That being said, it's still a gorgeous shade and the sparkle IS there on the lips.

I have pretty pigmented lips and this doesn't show up in any dramatic way but it adds a really pretty pinkness to them and nice shine. MAC Lipglass usually tends to err on the sticky side and this is a bit true with this one as well but definitely not the worst I've experienced.

Tried to get a little arm movement in the swatches so you can see the shimmer from different angles. The bottom swatch looks particularly nice and a good representation of how much shimmer there is when the light hits at the right (best) angle.

My lips take away from the pink brightness of the gloss but this is me wearing "Rhythm."

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