Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser

Let me first start by saying that when I see something at a good price, I don't tend to look a lot further. I was in the market for a new cleanser and this baby was $5.99. Once I got it, I realized it wasn't a cleanser in the traditional sense but more like a cleansing toner. I wanted something I could slather onto my Clarisonic and this wasn't going to do the trick (as it's a thin liquid). However, I decided I would give it a test drive anyway and put my Clarisonic away for the time being.

The instructions read: "Apply to cotton pad and wipe face and neck. Do not rinse. Avoid the eye area."

The first thing I noticed once I started to clean my face was the smell. A quick check of the ingredients revealed denatured alcohol and it's strong. And I know a lot of people say you shouldn't use alcohol on your face... I'm not one to really worry about dryness because my skin is -never- dry so that isn't something that made me gasp and throw the product away but it is important to note and perhaps a good reason not to buy... The smell alone is a turn off, even if maybe the alcohol isn't.

I did as instructed and used a cotton pad. It easily removed a lot of my makeup but I wanted to do another wipe-down to see if it had removed it all... And it didn't. I did another and another and another and no I'm not exaggerating. This was the amount of makeup removed on the fourth try:

I'm going to continue to use this until I can pick up some more Purity cleanser (I like to use a simple cleanser to remove makeup before embarking on my actual skin care routine) but I wouldn't recommend this product to you guys. The smell, the alcohol, the need for repeated use... What's good here? Well, my skin did feel clean (and not dry or tight) once I'd ran through about five or six cotton pads--no joke--I wear quite a bit of makeup but come on... 

Next time I spot a "deal," I'll do more research, I hope. And this only set me back $6... If you're so inclined, you could find it at Ulta.

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