Bliss Lemon & Sage Supershine Shampoo

Today I have for you a quick & easy review of Bliss's Lemon & Sage Supershine Shampoo. I've been trying this shampoo out for several weeks now and I'm ready to share my findings.

Does it make my hair shinier? Yes and no... I've found that my hair does look shinier and well-nourished near the scalp but it doesn't do a ton for my dry & sometimes frizzy ends.

The directions on the back say to use generously and lather for 1-3 minutes. I usually will lather for less than this amount of time but I have tried going a minute. A full minute when I'm washing my hair tends to feel like an eternity but I'm sure that's just me being entirely too impatient.

I did not buy the conditioner to go with this because most of the time I skip conditioning anyway. It only wears my oily hair down more. That's not a comment about this conditioner but about conditioners in general.

Would I recommend this shampoo? Probably not and this is why... I love earthy scents more than the average person, I think but this shampoo has a woody scent that does not smell like fresh sage & lemon to me. It's not a horrible smell, I just don't care for it. Luckily, the smell doesn't stick with your hair and once it's dry, you're only left with a clean, fragrance-free smell. Still, if I'm going to be shampooing for any length of time be it one minute or less, I don't want to have to smell something I don't like. Period. However, maybe this smell is for you, I don't want to say that it's something horrific to be avoided, I think it's probably more of a personal preference kind of thing. So, if you're looking to pick this up, I'd give it a sniff first and see if it's a scent you want to deal with or not.

All in all, this isn't a bad shampoo. It does keep my hair looking shinier than it would using some other shampoos and overall my hair does look healthy but I won't be repurchasing mostly because of the scent and also because I'm on a mission to find a holy grail shampoo and this just isn't it for me so... Moving on...

You can find Bliss products at Sephora but I'm not seeing this shampoo on their website (but I have seen it in stores). To buy online, try Amazon. Bliss Lemon & Sage Shampoo retails for $18 which is another reason I'm not re-purchasing; it's not as though it's the cheapest product out there.

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