Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer (The World's Best)

Today I'm going to review The World's Best Concealer! Haha, no, actually, it's Amazing Cosmetic's Amazing Concealer... But, it kind of is the best and it's the concealer I've used pretty religiously for a long time now.

There's several good things to say about this concealer so I'll just start with why I use it. It's got really good coverage and I know a lot of people may not need SERIOUS COVERAGE like I do, but there's got to be more like me who do, too. It's a liquid concealer that comes in a tube and the consistency is kind of sticky, I want to say, not so much that it's off putting but it stays really well once you've got it on. A little bit goes a LONG way and once you get it blended out, it looks really nice and covers really well. Even if you don't need serious coverage, it's still a great concealer and it's a *tad* bit heavier than other concealers I've tried but so worth it. And once I have it blended nicely, I don't think about it again so it's not like I constantly feel like my skin is weighed down.

It comes in a range of ten shades and you can buy the regular sized tube (.5oz) or you can buy "A Little Amazing Concealer" which is smaller at .2oz. Now, .2oz might sound like a tiny bit of product (it does to me, anyway) but I almost always get the little tube (only once have I gone nuts and bought the bigger one) and it lasts me a loooong time. The larger tube is $42 and the smaller is $28.

The one gripe I have about this, and it's probably more my fault than the product itself but when I get down to the end of a tube, I'm working at it to get some out and way too much comes out. I hate that. But I guess I just need to calm down with the squeezing.  I like to squeeze out a little bit and do one area of my face that needs covering and then go from there so I'm only using a little bit at a time. If you do use too much, it will feel a bit tacky and heavy.

I blend with my fingers by patting it into place and it's always kind of amazing (haha) how much area a little bit covers.

a bit of concealer and a bit partially blended
I prefer to use this concealer with powder foundation and a setting powder or otherwise I'm putting a little too much liquid makeup on my oily skin but sometimes I do use it with a liquid foundation, depending on how my skin is acting and looking on a particular day. Either way, it stays on my skin alllll day with or without a primer.

You can find this concealer at Sephora and Ulta in both the smaller and larger tubes.

What's your holy grail concealer? I'd love to hear about it.

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