Missha Speedy Solutions Anti-Trouble Patches

While I was perusing the Missha site for BB creams awhile back, I found these cheap "anti-trouble" acne patches for 50 cents for a small sheet. You get ten little clear patches on one sheet. When I had received the patches in the mail, I had just had the breakout of a lifetime so I had several pimples differing in size to try them on. What luck! Haha.

I put them on as instructed and went to sleep for the night... The directions say leave on for 8-12 hours and so you're probably going to want to use them while sleeping since that's a large chunk of time.

I figured since my breakouts were new and quite large that these patches would help them shrink in size and dry them out a bit... Well... I tried these for three nights and they didn't do anything to help me restore sanity to my skin.

Being as they were so cheap, I wasn't too disappointed but I'm sorry to say that these definitely did not work for me.

I'm going to do a Missha online store review soon--I got a few other products to try out including two different BB creams so check back soon for those (more promising) reviews.

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