Essie Protein Base Coat

I have issues with my nails chipping and splitting, like I'm sure most people do, so I decided to try Essie's Protein Base Coat. I've been using it for many weeks now--not always consistently--but I do use it whenever I paint my nails.

The base coat itself is a translucent milky white and it goes on clear, adding just a tinge of brightness to your nails.

It dries really quickly so it doesn't add a lot of time if you add this step to your manicure.

Here are my nails before and after using the base coat:

Naked Nails
Nails with Essie Protein Base Coat
You can see how it adds a bit of shine to your nails and helps ward off dullness. I actually really like the look of my nails with just the base coat.

Essie says that it "helps to strengthen and protect nails while leaving a smooth finish. Wheat protein enriches healthy nails for strength and elasticity. Protein Base Coat extends the duration of the manicure."

Since using this, I've noticed that my nails split less and chip less. My nails don't exactly feel any stronger but this product really does seem to fortify them and prevent those little splits and chips. It also keeps my nails from staining--I've had a lot of staining issues in the past but this product really helps a lot to keep polishes from leaving a stain. As far as extending the life of my manicure, I'm not sure I see a big difference there... It still tends to depend on what polish I'm using.

If you're looking for a new base coat, I'd recommend trying this out. You can find it at Ulta for $8.

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