Dermablend Professional Setting Powder

I've been using this setting powder for awhile now and am ready to review it... I used to use Makeup Forever's HD Setting Powder, which is a pretty popular powder but it always killed me to spend $30 on less than half an ounce of powder so I stopped buying it and stopped using a setting powder altogether. Then I found myself wanting it back so I did a little searching (very little searching) and found this powder by Dermablend. With this powder you get a full ounce for $22--so it's cheaper AND you get more product.

This powder comes in three shades, although the original is meant for all skin tones, or so it says on the website. There is also a "cool beige" powder which can be used as a bronzer or to set makeup for more medium skin tones. And lastly there is a "warm saffron" powder for deeper skin tones. I just went with the original which is what you see pictured here. It's fragrance free and transparent once blended.

I find that Dermablend's powder works about as good for me as MUFE's HD powder. Dermablend is a talc powder and MUFE's powder is silica. I get a little of the Dermablend powder on my brush, tap it to get rid of excess and apply on top of my foundation. Neither of the two powders solved my oiliness problems but they both went on nicely and gave me a finished makeup look.

I haven't heard a lot about Dermablend so I kind of bought it from Amazon on a whim but I'm happy enough with the product, I just wish it lasted longer on my face because I still end up shiny.

I know that Costal Scents also makes a powder similar to MUFE's HD powder, though I've yet to try that one. You can find that one here--it's also 100% silica but MUCH cheaper. You can find MUFE's at Sephora and you can find Dermablend's on Amazon, and several other online retailers. I think when I go to replace this setting powder, I'm going to try the Costal Scent's version because that seems like the best deal to me and I've heard good things.

So, just to break it down:

Dermablend Setting Powder

Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder
$30 for .35oz OR ~$85/oz!

Costal Scents Setting Powder

As soon as I buy the Costal Scents powder (which will be awhile since I have a lot of the Dermablend powder remaining) I will review that.

Do you use a different setting powder? I'd love to hear about it.

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