Yes to Grapefruit Brightening Face Towelettes

I've been using these face wipes on and off for awhile now and I'm ready to jot down a little review.

The idea behind these guys is a cleansing, exfoliation and brightening in one swipe of a towel. Plus, a grapefruity scent. (No water needed.)

I've used these towels two ways (sort of). (1) I have used them after a face washing + mask to make sure I got off all the mask product. And (2) I have used these as a sort of afternoon pick me up for my skin--you know when you're feeling kind of gross and it's not really quite time to wash your face yet? Then. I've found that I like the former use much more than the latter. When I use a mask, it tends to leave me feeling like I always have mask leftover even after a thorough rinsing so to wipe it clean felt great. It helped ease that feeling of gunkiness and deliver some clean, clean skin with a brightening boost.

When I would use it at any random time throughout the day, it felt less cleansing to me. And I can't justify using one after already washing my face because then I can't see much of a point given that I don't find the "exfoliation" is much exfoliation here. What it did do was kind of dull any shininess but without dulling my skin--which is nice but the effects seem somewhat minimal. I think I'd rather just wash my face if I'm feeling that afternoon grossness.

The wipes are a nice, large size. They definitely are enough to get all of my face and neck. I took a photo with one over my hand to give you an idea of the size:

The smell is nice, maybe a tiny bit chemical. I couldn't stop smelling them at first.

So. To conclude more simply... I like this as a clean-up after a mask treatment but not so much as an on-the-go kind of product. They do give bit of a brighter complexion but I felt the exfoliation was very minimal.

The ingredient list is a little long and complicated...

Have you ever tried these or any other Yes to products? This was my first go with any of the different varieties.

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