Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lipstick in "Pastille Rosebud"

The idea behind Bite Beauty is that "lips absorb what you put on them." So with Bite's 96% Natural ingredient list, it aims to hydrate and smooth while giving a great, pigmented color payoff.

I picked up the "Pastille Rosebud" shade because I basically couldn't say no. At $24 a tube... When I'm trying not to spend much money... It must have looked GOOD. And it did. "Pastille Rosebud"is a gorgeous berry-like shade that pops on the lips.

When I did a swatch of this at Sephora and tried to wipe it off, I noticed how it clung to the skin and to each little pore. I couldn't wait to try it on the lips and see what it could do for them.

Bite's packaging is a cool, soft-to-the touch grey tube. I like the design a lot.

See how pretty and BOLD it is?


On the lips.... Wow. Feels fantastic. I feel sometimes that I get a bit pessimistic about makeup (my boyfriend would be note, laughingly, that I'm pessimistic about everything) and it's hard to find something that really wows me and makes me feel that I've gotten a product worth the price tag. Well, Bite beauty is a winner to me.

It has a very luxurious feel on the lips. It glides on beautifully. It is smoothing as it claims and feels very hydrating--not at all drying! And the best point is how lovely it makes my lips look. Often lipsticks can accentuate dry lips or lines or whatever your lip issue may be but this one does not! Staying power is good: when I tried to wipe the swatch off my arm, I was stained! Just how I like it. Give me something that will last longer than a minute.) It's pigmented, moist and actually makes my lips look better. Win, win, win.

I'm in love. This feels and acts like a high-quality lipstick. I'd be happy to pay $24 for another tube. In fact, I plan to.

Bite Beauty can be found at Sephora.

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