NYX "Ocean Breeze" Glitter Cream Pallet

Today I want to show you this glitter pallet I picked up by NYX. I found this guy at Urban Outfitters and it looked so pretty, I had to have it even though I a) Have never used cream eyeshadows before and b) don't have a ton of occasions where I would wear glitter on my eyes like this.

I chose the "Ocean Breeze" pallet--I love blues--and it comes with five different colors. They look super sparkly and yummy in the pallet. Here are some close ups:

When I swatched them, you can tell I got increasingly better at transferring the product from the pans to my arm... However, the first swatches are lightly done and then I increasingly grabbed more product with my finger as I went along:

With Flash
The first swatch is a good indicator of how much you get if you just swipe the shadow with a finger.

You definitely need to build these up if you're looking to get a nice, opaque look.

I wore the first shade yesterday to test wear, etc. I had to build to get it to this point:

I swear it looked nicer to the naked eye than it did with the close-up/flash combo of my camera.

It wasn't difficult to work with and get it where I wanted it but there were a couple of cons... One being as I mentioned the building factor, you have to keep dipping back to get more product for a finished look. Secondly, I experienced a bit of creasing as time wore on... I currently use Too Faced Shadow Primer but it didn't keep it from creasing on me. And thirdly, I had a bit of migrating glitter... It seemed to want to move under my eyes--not a ton--but there was enough that moved below the eye to notice. I can imagine if you wore this out clubbing or something that you'd end up a bit more glittery than you intended... And it was easy enough to remove but I had some lingering flecks of glitter here and there even after I showered.

All in all I think this looks gorgeous in the palette and maybe a little less so in action but I grabbed this up for six bucks so it's not a bank breaker and worth a try, I think. You definitely want to use some sort of primer though. I wonder if it would work better with a primer + paint pot base... Hm.

If you want to pick this up for yourself, Cherry Culture has it for $4.25 and there's lots of other colors available. Amazon also has it for a bit more at $6.42.

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