My First Birchbox (June 2011)

I signed up for Birchbox what seems like ages ago (it was less than a month, though, obviously) and today I was thrilled to find my first box in the mail! I'm not going to do a photo post every time I get one but I did want to take pictures and post about my first box. Then of course I'll review the products too... Let me know if there's something you'd particularly like to hear about.

I came back into the house and announced to the boyfriend, "I got my first Birchbox!"



Without further ado... Let's look at what's inside... & For anyone who might not be familiar with this, a Birchbox is a monthly box of deluxe beauty samples delivered to your door.

Xen-Tan fake tanner, Kiehl's oil-free facial lotion...

Laura Geller Blush N' Brighten cheek powder, orange towelettes for cleaning up your hands and Kate Spade's "Twirl" perfume--I'm not a big fan of perfume so this will go in my sample bag to hand out in swaps. But as far as the other stuff goes, I'm excited to start trying them out! Especially the fake tanner--I was *just* about to buy my first fake tanner last night and then decided against it. So glad one came in the box!

Here's the included card with all the products and some explanations and prices for the full-sized versions.

Group shot!

I'm especially impressed with the Laura Geller powder--it seems to be full-sized to me or at least a very, very generous sample. The Xen-Tan and Kiehl's lotion are also pretty large and I assume the lotion in particular will last a while. I haven't played around with fake tanner so I don't know how much you use in one go but I'm going to have fun experimenting with it.

Anyone else get Birchboxes? Or if you have any opinions on any of the products, I'd love to hear about it.

The Birchboxes cost $10/month and you never know what you're going to get!

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