Laura Geller Blush -N- Brighten in "Honey Dipped"

Now that I've had a chance to wear and swatch and play with my Laura Geller Blush -N- Brighten powder, I wanted to post about it. It was one of the items in my June Birchbox. I'd never used any Laura Geller makeup before, so it's always nice to get something totally new to try.

The shade I received was "Honey Dipped" which is a lovely sounding name, I think. To look at it in the pan, it's a little boring looking and it's especially boring looking in this picture because the photo didn't pick up the slight shimmer it has. However, I think the swatches are prettier:

In the Sunshine :)
It's a very pretty shade and very soft, silky and easy to blend. You can see the shimmer in the swatches better than you can in the other photo. I'm -not- a fan of shimmer (although, I've been dipping my toes in the shimmer pool these days) but this is really subtle and I didn't think "woah, shimmer mess!" when I looked in the mirror. Very, very subtle. 

Taken with Flash
So I was happy with my shade and didn't even second guess anything until Laura sent me a link to her Birchbox post and I found it interesting that she had a different blush shade than I got (she received "Apricot Berry"). I guess that makes a lot of sense and all that they wouldn't send out a bajillion Honey Dippeds but I hadn't thought about it and I have to admit, I was suddenly a little jealous when I saw her blush and swatch because it just looks so much more exciting than my shade, haha!

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