Trendspotting: Brooches & Pins

I've been seeing lots of pins/brooches making their way onto blouses, jackets and coats more and more often... It's a trend I think I could get into. I did a little online window shopping and found some of my favorites.

Flower Brooch by Lanvin ($335)
Available at Kirna Zabete

Crystal Cameo Brooch ($37.95)
Available at Fantasy Jewelry Box

Rhinestone Peacock Brooch ($22)
 Available at Yes Style

 Turquoise Owl Brooch ($20)
Available at TopShop
Messy Chains Pin ($34)
Available at Fossil

Rhinestone Lips Brooches ($22 ea.)
Available at Yes Style

What do you guys think? Yay or nay when it comes to brooches?

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