A Mall Haul

I went on a spontaneous trip to the mall yesterday because my sister needed to get her husband some new shoes and I agreed to tag along. Since I'm temporarily off my no-buy, I got a few things...

Clothes & headband from Forever 21....
Sweater & top were on clearance ($8.99) and
the skirt was a mere 7 bucks and I need more skirts/dresses.

I'd like to say that I took these out of focus
so that the colors would come out better
but really that was an accident. I got
these cuties from Forever 21 for $2.20 each.
Love the colors!

Needed new panties that aren't thongs.
Got the print ones from H&M (3 for 10)
and the yellow ones from JC Penney.

Love the print on the one pair!

Body Shop stuffs. Never bought any Body Shop items
before--these are my first! I got the eyeshadows for buy
two get two and then some shimmer body lotion!

Because I spent so much on makeup at TBS, I got this free
brush roll (value = $45, I guess). It was funny because when he said
"free brush roll" I didn't think he meant "free brushes" and when I opened
it up to take pictures, I said to my boyfriend, "there are brushes in here!!"

Cute outside of the brush roll--a sparkly bow!

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