Lush Lemony Flutter

Let me start off by saying I really like Lush's Lemony Flutter cuticle butter. I also like how that rhymes. I love the kind of not-too-super sweet lemon scent but I might be alone on that. My sister smelled it and said she "wasn't thrilled with it" but also that she doesn't hate it. My mom said she liked it a lot but she tends to like everything... So take that with a grain of salt.

The tub says "Repair dry cuticles, dry elbows, toes and heels with our lemony butter."

I don't have dry skin because I'm a certified oil factory but I do like it for cuticles. I try to remember/make myself rub a little bit of this onto my cuticles before I go to bed or after I get out of the shower or before a manicure--basically whenever I think of it.

It softens my cuticles without being oily and it absorbs quickly so I'm not left waiting a long time for it to sink to the skin around my nails.

Basically it's a definite win for me... I like when I find Lush products that I really like because Lush is a company that I want to LOVE but don't tend to be blown away by very often.

I'd say get a sniff next time you're at Lush and if you like the scent, it's worth it. You only need a little bit so I know this little tub will last me a while. It might be considered a little pricy though and other, cheaper alternatives might be preferred for that reason.

You can get it at for $14.95. (For 1.5oz).

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