Window Shopping: Upcoming Wants

I'm feeling a bit rushed today as I slept in and now I am gearing up to watch General Hospital (my daily indulgence) and then I'm having an early dinner with my aunt. Sooo today I put together a few of my lemmings for products from upcoming or recently released makeup launches. I won't be buying any of these products unless my brother-in-law wins the lottery.  He's the only person in my family who plays. Yeah, that's about my only hope right now--it's grim!

Anyway, here are a few things I wish I could buy soon! I included the stuff that really grabbed my eye.

Hope you all have a happy Friday and a great weekend! Any plans? Any shopping plans?

MAC "Motorhead" Eyeshadow from the Jeanius Collection
Available March 3, 2011
$19.50 from

Nars Illuminators
Now coming out in Super Orgasm, Copacabana and Laguna
I think I'm interested in the first two!

Viva Glam Gaga II
I love Gaga and I love this nude color (I think... I'm kind of up and back from what I see on different sites). Plus, throw in a great cause, where can you go wrong?
14.50 from

Givenchy Acid Orange Nail Polish
This creamy, beautiful orange is gorgeous!
Available April 2011

Guerlain Terre Indigo Four Shade Eye Shadow
I love the way this looks, I love the colors, I want it!
Available March 2011

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