Barry M Brushes

I got around to using my Barry M brushes from the haul I did a little bit ago. The blush brush looks a little scraggly in the photo below but it was the way I set the brush down.

I went with a blush brush and two shader brushes. I love the pink handles.


When I first pulled out the brush brush and tried it on my hand, there was a tiny bit (one strand) of shedding but I didn't see any more while I tested it or as I used it.

The brush is a little rough for me. I think I'm spoiled by my other ultra-soft (MAC and Too Faced) brushes but I couldn't fall in love with this brush because it's just not soft enough on my face. As far as blending goes, it was fine but I prefer a softer feel.

Same goes for the shader brush, not super soft. I don't mind it as much with the eyeshadow brush as I do the blush brush. This guy does its job, it's just a little pokey about it. 

You also have to keep in mind that these brushes are cheeeeeap! The shader brush goes for £1.99 ($3.20) and the blush brush is £6.19 ($9.96). I think for price, the eyeshadow brush is a better value for me. If it weren't for the bad customer service from Barry M and the fact that they aren't in the U.S., I'd consider buying more of these. I like having a lot of eyeshadow brushes on hand because I'm so bad about cleaning them.

All in all... I'd say if you have access to Barry M, the eyeshadow brushes may be worth a try for the price alone. Blush brush... Eh, not so much. You can get 'em at

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