Nutra Luxe Luscious Lips Lipgloss in "Copper"

Awhile back, Haute Look had a sale and I bought a Nutra Luxe lipgloss to try it out and see if it plumped my lips. I don't really care to plump my lips but I do tend to like that tingle you get with lip plumping products. Looking at it now (b/c to be honest, I didn't then) the whole Nutra Luxe operation seems a tad overly boastful about their products but let's move on to what I think...

I'll start with what I like about it... It's sheer. It's really lightweight. Sometimes you want that in a lipgloss, sometimes you don't but it went really nicely with my low maintenance no makeup/tinted moisturizer "look" today.

Okay... That's about it for what I liked.

It has a doe foot applicator and I put about three coats onto my lips to make sure I got enough of the product on.

It tingled a bit. Nothing extreme at all.

While I was waiting, I read the box more closely and it was a real treat. I don't know who wrote this but... Well... I left it intact EXACTLY as it reads on the box (including random capitalizations) for you to enjoy...

The box reads:

"This lightly scented vanilla sentenced Lip Plumper contains Niacin for immediate results by increasing the blood circulation in your lips in only a minute or two and will draw also fluid to you lips to plump them up. To increase and maintain the size of your lips long term, we added Palmitoyl Oligopepties which will promote and initiate in only days the growth of collagen in your lips, which will help to give you full contoured and Luscious Lips.

Luscious Lips will give you also the Moisture and Gloss you need to ever day treatment and protection."

So that was fun. The vanilla sentence (um?) is actually kind of nice but... As far as this actually working, you can see from the photo below that it did nothing besides lightly gloss my lips.

I tried to do an arm swatch of the shade but it was so sheer I couldn't get it to show up.

Please ignore my lips, I had taken to biting at them while I was sick instead of exfoliating correctly and I tore them up a bit. 

Not that I'd recommend it, but you can get these babies for $16 (whew, that's hefty for this, I didn't pay this much) at the Nutra Luxe website or at Derm Store)

Nutra Luxe? More like Nutra Suxe.

... I had to.

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