Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask vs. Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

The Freeman Clay Mint & Lemon Mask (retailing for $3.99 at drugstores and Amazon) says that it "calms problematic skin, reduces the appearance of large pores, helps control oil production."

The Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask boasts that it "helps dry up acne, shrink pores and wash away blackheads."

Let's start with the Freeman Mask.....

I feel that it delivers two of the three promises--it calms my skin and it helps control oil. I feel that after I use it, there seems to be less commotion on my face, meaning less redness and blotchiness.

It goes on smoothly and you don't feel much (or at least I didn't) as far as a tingle or anything like that.

My pores feel and look the same to me after using this product but it does reduce the oil. I don't feel like there's a WHOLE lot to say about this mask but I do really like it. My skin feels less like it's freaking out when I use the mask regularly--which I tend to do every two days or so... Whenever I feel like I need it.

And moving on to the Mint Julep Mask

(Retails $3.50 at drugstores, Amazon and Ulta) Overall, I was pretty unhappy with this mask. I don't have sensitive skin and yet it would almost burn when I put this on--sometimes the feeling was worse than other times. I'm guessing it has to do with the chemical exfoliation I do but I didn't run into this problem with the Freeman mask.

It felt over drying to me. It didn't cause any flakiness or anything but just didn't leave my skin feeling like it still had it's natural hydration. 

I didn't notice that it did anything for my pores...

And I don't have any blackhead issues so I can't report on the blackhead claim.

Without a doubt.... FREEMAN WINS!

This mask isn't performing any miracles BUT I do find that it's a very, very nice addition to my skin care routine that gives my oiliness and blotchiness just a little kick where it needs it.

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