Requiem for Some Makeup

I'm a bit ashamed to say that I hold onto old makeup, gross brushes and empty containers (none of them being used, just sitting around) far too long. Today I was doing a bit of cleaning and I was living out of my travel makeup roll for awhile but now that is over and I chose (for some reason) to share with you the items that didn't make it.

bareMinerals Mineral Concealer I didn't seem to review this item for some reason but I did use it all up (a long time ago). I would be happy to do a full review if anyone was interested but the short and sweet version: nice enough but not enough coverage for me.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correct Conceal Trio (The "highlight" tube.) I didn't review this product either but it's a three-in-one concealer where you use the different little bottles to "correct," "cover," and "highlight." I never used the highlight but held onto it long after I threw away the other two. (Again, if you want a review, drop me a comment!)

Random Awful Brush I had had a couple of these brushes from a mysterious set that had neither brand nor a place of origin that I could remember. Scratchy and cheaply made; what was I even doing with this?

Sephora Concealer Brush This was the first brush I ever bought! Aw. It's a Sephora brand brush that came with a sticker on it that left sticky residue on the handle so I stuck some address labels on there because I'm classy like that. I had no problems with this brush but I never use a brush for concealer and it had gotten kind of gross at the bottom of the overstuffed pocket I found it in. Time to let go.

MAC Haute & Naughty Mascara I keep mascara much, much longer than I should. This one wasn't very old in comparison to other mascaras I have laying around but it also always kind of gooped out of the tube and made a mess and annoyed me from day one. I really liked the idea of two different brushes in the same tube but this guy could have used a better formula. I bought for the concept and the packaging and I'm not apologizing for that.

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer with missing top... I reviewed this here. Luckily I lost the top close to the end of the product but I never did find said top. Held onto that tube for dear life though.

Boi-ing Concealer This is really old because I haven't used this kind of concealer in quite some time. I always used up any pot of these I had though... All the way to the point where I was desperately scraping at the ring of concealer left at the very end.

Ahh feels good to get rid of stuff. Also, I found several lipsticks and eyeshadows I hadn't seen in awhile in the big clean-up.

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