Marc Jacobs Beauty: Style Eye-Con No. 7 "The Lolita"

I was really drawn to the Marc Jacobs beauty line... I loved the packaging and I wanted something from it so I chose "The Lolita" eyeshadow palette which includes seven neutral shades.

Comes in a black pouch with snap... Pretty unnecessary but it would make a cute pencil holder.

I love the simple but beautiful black packaging.

I got a little photo-happy but doesn't it look majestic?

No names for the individual shadows... They are just numbered 1-7...

I like the shades. I don't buy a ton of neutral makeup because it's not very fun in my opinion but lately I've been trying to appear a bit more professional from time to time and that was my motive behind this palette. I think it's very pretty to look at.

Here come the swatches...

I'm a fan. I think it's subtle and the shadows could be a teensy bit more pigmented but they are so smooth and soft and the shades are lovely neutral colors.

Did anyone pick up anything from the gigantic Marc Jacobs beauty collection?

(Also, as an unrelated sidenote, I joined Instagram (yes, I'm very late to the party) and am looking for new people to follow so add me if you'd like!)

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