Milani Baked Blush in "Corallina"

I'm kind of a sucker for corals and when I was perusing the drugstore for new makeup, I found this blush by Milani. It's a bright, fun coral and it packs a lot of pigment with a little bit of shimmer. I used to avoid shimmer in blushes at all costs but I'm warming up to it as long as it's not a messy glitter bomb. 

The lighter shades disappear once you've swirled it together a bit. All these photos were taken pre-swirl.

A tiny applicator comes with it and can be stored within the packaging, under the blush.

Swatched and Blended. Taken with Flash.
Swatched and Blended. Taken in Sunlight.
Milani's other blushes are also very pretty shades--have you guys picked any of these up?

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