NYX "Set it & Don't Fret it" Matte Mineral Finishing Powder

With my super oily complexion, I cannot really sing the praises of setting powder enough. I've cycled through a few brands now and this time I went the frugal route and bought this $9.99 finishing powder by NYX.

Most setting/finishing powders I've used have been translucent and WHITE in color. This powder comes in two shades and is not pure white powder. I use the "Light/Medium" but it also comes in "Medium Dark" for what seems like a very small range of tones but these should blend to invisibility--and Light/Medium does do that for me.

"Set it & Don't Fret it" is a fine powder and it's very, very easy to blow around which is why clumsy me needs to be careful when I open this jar. It has a twist lid and even gives you a little warning about keeping it upright. I suppose this seems obvious and applies to all loose powder but this one is extra fly-away it seems--the holes are maybe larger and so when I sift it through, I keep ending up with a lot of powder to deal with in one shot. This isn't a problem--I'm just careful to dip the brush lightly because it picks up a lot of product.

According to the jar, it boasts quite a few skin perks:

... And holds up to the claims. My makeup looks much better after I apply this mineral powder: it does absorb shine, prolong my makeup wear and also makes my skin look nicer all-around.

If you're used to using very fine loose powder to set your makeup, you may notice that this one is not quite as fine as a higher end powder. That's not to say I don't like this powder because it does do a really nice job in setting my makeup and dealing with excess oils but I can just tell it's a bit cheaper than say Make-up Forever's HD Microfinish Powder which, at $34 worth of the same amount of product, is a bit steep for those on a budget. I'd say NYX's mineral powder does the job well and I'm pleased--especially when I remember the price tag.

You can find NYX products at Ulta stores. This powder retails for $9.99.

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