L'Oréal Advanced Haircare Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I'm not sure what it is about a certain shampoo commercial that will grab my attention and make me buy their product but I do keep my eyes peeled when I'm running out of shampoo and/or conditioner and... Probably ultimately just see the same shiny hair you get on all of them on any one particular commercial at the right time and I'm sold. My last pick was L'Oréal's new haircare line of products called "Advanced Haircare" which are tailored to individual hair needs.

These ones I tried out were not for the same problem: the shampoo is the oleo-keratin variety for frizzy hair and the conditioner is the arginine one for fragile, falling hair. I tend to mix up my conditioners and shampoos all the time because I get the best results that way but I was still very conscious of the immediate after-effects of these ones.

... And my opinion of them is torn.

The Shampoo

The "Smooth Intense" Polishing Oleo-Keratin shampoo (these seem name-heavy, don't they?) boasts 72 hours of frizz control by "softening and taming rough texture." Aaand... I didn't like this shampoo. I suppose it did give me a lot of frizz control but it did so by weighing my hair down to basically a greasy-looking mess. I have super oily hair and I almost always have to wash it everyday or it will look gross... With this shampoo, I was almost immediately in the bad zone of oily heaviness. It didn't even give me a half-day of good-looking hair. Just too much for me and my oily-prone tresses, that's for sure. 

I'd steer clear if you are an oil-slick like me (that's what my mom always says ;)) but if you are super dry... It might help you without causing problems... I definitely can't attest to that opposite world. Please comment if you had better results!

The Conditioner

So let's see the name of this one is "Triple Resist Arginine Reinforcing Conditioner"... For damaged, breakable hair. 

It promises three numbered improvements on the front of the bottle:
  1. Nourishes root to tip
  2. Reinforces strands
  3. Resists breakage
... Those are sort of the same things said three different ways but ok, L'Oréal, I won't nit-pick.

It also says it will give you "3x stronger, more resistant hair." I see why they needed those three points now.

You leave this conditioner in for 1-3 minutes before rinsing. I'm a bigger fan of the conditioner than I was the shampoo. It does give me a noticably smoother look when I use it and my hair looks healthier overall. I'm not sure I'd say it does a whole lot more than a lot of conditioners do but I do think it works, has a pleasant smell and a nice creamy consistency. I just prefer to use it with a different shampoo.

Prices vary a bit by where you shop but the shampoo I reviewed here runs about $7 and the conditioner about $5. Could probably find it cheaper at Wal-Mart or places like that, I price-quoted from Drugstore.com.

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