Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in "Aurora" and "Stellar"

Been slacking a bit with the blogging (and purchasing of new stuff to blog) because I got a new job! I'm working in a lab now that does blood analysis and I really like it! However, I'm adjusting to a new schedule, working weird hours sometimes and I'm always wiped out.

So anyway, I had grabbed these Rimmel Show Offs awhile back and thought about not blogging them but I love them so much I wanted to anyway. The two shades I bought, "Aurora" and "Stellar" are somewhat similar but different enough for sure to own both.

"Stellar" is a bit brighter and bolder than "Aurora."

Stellar left, Aurora right
I LOVE how pigmented these guys are and they add quite a bit of shine--you can see how nice the formula looks... Definitely not drying at all. I love a deeply pigmented gloss.

Stellar and Aurora
So pretty! Also not incredibly sticky which is always, always a plus.

These look wonderful on the lips. I'm a definite fan. So far, I've only seen these at Walgreens or available online but I also haven't been doing a lot of searching lately.

Which Show Offs do you own?

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